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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair. High pressure pumps, packers and injection chemicals.

  • single component polyurethane crack injection pumps

    Single Component polyurethane injection pumps

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    Single component pumps used for high pressure cracks injection, economical simple and effective for small foundation concrete cracks.

  • Dual component crack injection pumps for epoxy and polyurethane.

    Dual Component injection pumps

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    Dual component pumps are used for specialty epoxies and specialized polyurethanes.

  • High Pressure concrete crack injection chemicals

    High Pressure crack injection chemicals


    NextStar provides several solutions for your high pressure crack injection needs.

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High Pressure Hammer-in Injection Packer
3 inch x 3/8 hammer-in high-pressure concrete crack injection packer.Fits 3/8 in drilled hole usually used with Polyurethane foam.
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High Pressure Crack Injection Manual Pump
Manual Hand High-Pressure crack injection tool 6000psi with Dual-piston for improved volume.A Preferred method for High pressure polyurethane.
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$65.00 USD

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High Pressure Single Component Crack Injection Pump
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High Pressure Single Component Crack Injection Pump
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High Pressure Single Component Crack Injection Pump

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Crack Injection
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High Pressure Single Component Pump

Ideal for PU Polyurethane Foam injection into cracked concrete

  • High Pressure concrete single component injection pump 5000psi+
  • Use with Polyurethanes, LV Epoxies, Resin grout
  • Heavy construction for industrial use
  • Product is of High quality
  • Pressure gauge to monitor pump pressure
  • Control valve with packer coupler
  • 110 V Drill Power made in Germany
  • Accessory kit included with spare check valve
  • Larger Check valve than competitors, less blockage
  • Spare chemical hopper
  • Mechanical injection packer installation tool
  • Remote power switch control
  • 3M 12ft Parker High Pressure hose
  • Maximum pressure 8500 psi
  • Recommended pressure 4200 psi
  • Simple field servicing
  • 6.34 gallons US per hour (gal/h / flow rate)
  • One year Nextstar Warranty (Parts stocked)

Polyurethane / Epoxy Injection pump uses:

  • Crack Injection repair in poured concrete foundation walls
  • Used for void fill operations
  • Use for structural repair with premixed epoxies
  • Ideal for active leaking concrete structures
  • Recommended for very small cracks
  • Ideal for use in previously failed or problem crack repairs
  • Ideal for Polyurethane Injection
  • Can be used with premixed dual component chemicals

This High Quality one component pump equipment is the must-have product for the foundation crack repair professional. Heavy duty built pump that you can count on when called to the typical foundation repair that makes the repair work fast and efficient. This pump can be completely disassembled without any special tools for extra cleaning if necessary.

Steps to High Pressure Crack injection

1. Pre-drill injection packer holes usually at an angle to the crack on average every 6 inches alternating on either side of the crack.

2. Clean out the drilled holes with air or hole cleaning brush, the powder from drilling into concrete can also cause blockages to injection.

3. Pound in the packers using the installation tool then tighten each.

4. Premix chemical of choice and fill the hopper to a maximum of 3/4 full.

5. Open the hose valve and start the pump to purge any cleaning chemicals from the hose and hopper.

6. Start on your lowest packer on the repair, insert coupler on the end of the first zerk and then open the coupler valve.

7. Start the pump allowing chemical to flow while keeping an eye on the pressure. When the pressure reaches 5000 psi stop and wait until the pump pressure Bleeds off. When the chemical enters the wall you will be able to see its progress leak out on the surface.

8. Once the chemical has traveled 3/4 the way to the next injection port move to the next port. If a individual injection packer will not take any volume of material move on and return after the rest have been completed.

9. When completed pump the remaining material out into container for disposal. Add the appropriate pump flush to the hopper and flush until no sign of chemical leaves the zerk coupler. It is recommended to always re-flush the pump a second time one to two hours later.

Picture of Components of Single component PU polyurethane High Pressure crack injection pump

Single Component Polyurethane pump for high-pressure crack injection. Contractor equipment highest quality commercial crack injection.
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