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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair. High-pressure pumps, packers and injection chemicals.

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    Single Component polyurethane injection pumps

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    Single component pumps used for high-pressure cracks injection, economical simple and effective for small foundation concrete cracks.

  • Dual-component crack injection pumps for epoxy and polyurethane.

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    Dual component pumps are used for specialty epoxies and specialized polyurethanes.

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    NextStar provides several solutions for your high-pressure crack injection needs.

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High Pressure Hammer-in Injection Packer
3 inch x 3/8 hammer-in high-pressure concrete crack injection packer.Fits 3/8 in drilled hole usually used with Polyurethane foam.
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High pressure polyurethane concrete crack injection kit
High-Pressure kit for actively leaking crack repair of small leaking concrete cracks on poured concrete foundations. Includes 25 Injection packers, Polyurethane foam, and application tools.
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$199.00 USD

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High Pressure Crack Injection Manual Pump
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolyurethane-crack-injection-kits
High Pressure Crack Injection Manual Pump
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High Pressure Crack Injection Manual Pump

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Custom tool for high-pressure polyurethane crack injection of leaking basement foundation walls

  • New! version for 2022 Supplied in our complete kit
  • Up to 6000 psi injection pressure
  • Removable end cap for filling
  • Fixed or flexible pressure fittings supplied
  • Dual Pistons for higher injection volumes
  • High-quality adjustable zerk tip
  • 2 air bleed valves
  • Extra strong pump handle
  • Compatible with most polyurethane foams
  • Alternative to High Pressure injection pump

High pressure polyurethane crack injection can be accomplished using a modified grease tool without the use of an electric pump. For one-time repairs and for very small and remote repairs the use of a manual tool can be cost-effective and efficient.

High-pressure crack injection is ideal for very small active leaking water from concrete cracks. Previously repaired cracks that have been repaired with hydraulic cement or other unsuitable products. Most all high-pressure systems are for Polyurethane and not Epoxy. Epoxy injection is usually done with low pressure and is for structural repair.

Why a modified tool?

A standard grease tool can do the job but will leak chemicals out of the plunger side during application. With only a single piston it will take a lot more effort to get enough product injected.

The Nextstar version has an adjustable zerk tip that allows tightening on an injection packer to produce maximum pressures. The Nextstar Dual Piston manual hand high-pressure pump reduces time and doubles the volume of materials for injection. 

General High-Pressure Injection method information

1. Start with an assessment of the foundation crack to make sure it is on the smaller side.

2. Using a hammer drill. Drill alternately on either side of the crack drilling in deep enough at an angle to intersect the crack inside the wall.

3. Clean out the injection holes and install the high-pressure injection packers.

4. Seal between the injection packers if the crack is a little wider to help keep the product inside the wall during the injection.

5. Mix your polyurethane product and fill the tool frit from the removable end cap.

6. Starting at the lower packer, start injecting until the wall leaks product out of the wall at least 3/4 way to the next packer.

Manual High pressure crack injection tool for use with polyurethane and high-pressure injection packers for leaking foundations.
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