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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair. High pressure pumps, packers and injection chemicals.

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    NextStar provides several solutions for your high pressure crack injection needs.

High Pressure Crack Injection kit
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High Pressure Crack Injection Manual Pump
Manual Hand High-Pressure crack injection tool 6000psi with Dual-piston for improved volume.A Preferred method for High pressure polyurethane.
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High Pressure Crack Injection Packer 4x1/2in inch 50 Lot
4 inch high-pressure concrete crack injection mechanical packer.Fits 1/2 in drilled hole usually used with Polyurethane foam.
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High Pressure DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair kit
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DIY High Pressure Concrete crack kit
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High Pressure DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair kit

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to 20ft 50 packers = 1 Gallon + Activator (Add $65.00 USD)
to 40ft 100 packers = 2 Gallons + Activator (Add $200.00 USD)
Save $30 Addional Manual Pump (Add $35.00 USD)
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NextStar DIY High-Pressure Concrete Crack Repair Kit

for poured concrete wall crack repairs. High-Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection for crack repairs between 8-12' of small to hairline cracks that are actively leaking, or not.   Includes blended 100/800 viscosity Injection Foam, High-Pressure Gun, ½ inch packers, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Crack Repair Kit provides HIGH-PRESSURE injection repair of concrete foundation cracks as narrow as .002", and repairs 8-12' of 8" thick poured foundation wall. Polyurethane material is injected up to 4500 psi with this repair method. The 100/800 Polyurethane expands on contact with water or moisture while sealing and expelling out water. This repair method works on actively leaking foundation cracks or all small concrete wall cracks. Ideal kit for those concrete wall cracks that have been previously repaired by hydraulic cement. The blended Polyurethane can expand to 25 times its volume size. For standard cracks with 1/6 inch or larger, we recommend using a low-pressure repair method instead.


WHERE TO USE: Actively Leaking Poured Concrete Walls  

Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Foundation cracks that actively leaking water
Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Foundation walls where the crack is very small
Narrow looking cracks in concrete Hairline cracks as narrow as 0.002"
Foundation Cracks that have been repaired before Leaking cracks that have been previously unsuccessfully been repaired


Drill into place mechanical packers to allow injection into the tightest cracks Drill into place mechanical packers to allow injection into the tightest cracks
Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Inject and repair wet cracks that are leaking
Expanding polyurethane foam for high pressure concrete crack injection Expanding urethane foam completely fills the crack
Fix previous bad repairs Able to penetrate past any previously installed surface repair products such as hydraulic cement without chiseling  
New Desgin that will not leak New design unlike other high-pressure kits this applicator will not leak and includes an air inlet valve 
Easy to use instructions Easy to use instructions


half gallon of activated high-pressure polyurethane foam ½ Gallon blended Polyurethane foam W Activator 
25 high pressure Injection packers 25  1/2" packers
High Pressure crack injection tool 1 High-Pressure Dual Piston Injection Tool
Packer installation tool 1 Packer Install tool
Safety goggles Safety goggles
3 pairs of gloves and mixers 3 Pairs of gloves & Mixing Cup
Full set of Instuctions Instructions for use
Free Technical support Free Technical Support
Discounted shipping Discounted Shipping US & Canada

An upgrade includes 25 additional packers and increases the volume of Polyurethane to 1 Gallon.


Q. Do I need to cut out or gouge out the cracks for this kit?
A. No, the only requirement is to drill a ½ hole at a 45deg angle every 6 inches along the crack's alternating sides.

Q. Not much polyurethane comes out from each stroke of the handle. Is this normal?
A. Yes, since the modified applicator needs to achieve pressures above 2500psi manually, many strokes of the handle are required to get the necessary volume of poly into the crack. Possibly 30 pumps per injection packer. It is a good workout.

Q. How do I know if I injected enough polyurethane?
A. As you inject the product, you will start to see leaking poly exit the cracks. Once you see the chemical seep out ¾ the way to the next packer, you can move up to the next injection packer.

Q After injecting foam coming out of the wall and looking very messy, what do I do?
A. Let the Polyurethane sit for a day, and you can easily scrape the excess off the wall and floor.

Q. Can I seal up between the packers to keep more product in the wall?
A. Yes, you can seal up with some epoxy sealant or hydraulic cement, but you must be conscious of how much product you are injecting, so you do not under-inject. One way is to install the packers in your drilled holes as you go up the wall. As foam enters the next packer hole, install that packer.

Q. Can I reinject into previous packers once I get to the end?
A. Yes, you can go back and forth as many times as you need to ensure all the crack has been thoroughly injected.

Q. Can I use the injection tool again later after I have used it?
A. Yes, but you will need to flush out the piston/hose and tip with some solvent.Then pump a light engine oil through to lubricate for storage. Drain the oil and flush it with polyurethane before the next use.

Q. How long should I leave the Packers before I can remove them?
A. They can be left in the wall, but if they are in the way. Leave in place for seven days approximately.

Q. After a week, I unthreaded the packer tip, and liquid leaked out. Is this a problem?
A. No it is not a problem. The polyurethane stays active for about a week and will react with any moisture it encounters in the wall, any cracks will be sealed against moisture at that point.

Q. Can I inject while the crack is actively leaking?
A. Yes, this is probably the best time to inject the high-pressure polyurethane as there will be plenty of moisture in the wall to start the hydrophobic chemical reaction.


High Pressure Crack Injection Step 1Drill packer holes in concreteHigh Pressure Crack Injection Step 2 Clean out the drilled holes
High Pressure Crack Injection Step 3 Install the injection packers and tightenHigh Pressure Crack Injection Step 4 Picture of wall ready for high pressure injection
High Pressure Crack Injection Step 5 Mix high pressure polyurethane and start injecting on the bottom holeHigh Pressure Crack Injection Completion step 6 Inject high pressure polyurethane and follow up the wall as it comes out each side of the crack


1. Using a hammer drill with a ½ inch masonry bit, start about 3 inches from the bottom, drill holes at a 45° degree angle approximately 5 inches away from the crack so that the hole intersects with the crack. Don’t drill all the way through the wall, about halfway through the wall thickness is adequate. Repeat drilling about 6 inches up on the alternate side of the crack of the last hole. If the crack is wider, the holes can be up to 8 inches apart instead.
2. Clean out the holes well as the dust will interfere with the injection penetration. A good method of cleaning is with high-pressure air and vacuum or inserting a round wire brush inside the holes.
3. Install each packer. Pound in with provided packer tool so the zerk does not get damaged. Ensure all the rubber of the zerk is inside the hole and tighten until firm.

4. A small crack will be ready to inject at this point, but it is recommended to seal up a wider crack before injection. A good product for this is hydraulic cement. This will keep more product in the wall and keep the job a little cleaner.
5. Mix the Polyurethane with 1 to 2 % catalyst added (1 good squirt per quart). The more activator added, the faster it will react with water/moisture It is not that critical but will not react without the activator. Only mix up 1 cup at a time as this is all that is needed to start. Put into the modified grease gun. Only fill to ½ full, maximum.
6. The supplied grease tool has been modified. Open the high-pressure tool and pour in your first mixed batch into the tool and reassemble. Face it down and Pump on it until some polyurethane comes out the end. You are ready to inject. The modified grease tool may have a valve on the front to let air in as needed
7. Begin injecting at the bottom packer and move to the next packer up the crack on the opposite side when you see the foaming reaction moving close to the next packer. You may also notice the polyurethane pressure pushing off the hydraulic cement. Continue moving up to each packer until you reach the top. At approximately the 6th packer, return to the first packer again and attempt to inject more product. Some of the packers will take more product then other packers.
8. 100/800 Polyurethane can remain active for up to a week after injection. It is best to leave the zerks in place until then, but if needed the tips of the packers can be removed and the stud left in the wall, any protruding cured material cleaned up.
9. Ensure to use all the recommended protective gear including the supplied rubber gloves and safety glasses and follow all recommendations for product safety and disposal of material.
10. If you wish to reuse the modified grease tool you must empty out and flush it out with some motor oil through to prevent the remaining polyurethane from solidifying in the tool.

USE OF CATALYST The reaction profile is adjusted prior to pumping by the addition of catalyst into the base resin and is affected by temperature and the amount of moisture encountered. At 1.25% (1/2 pint per five gallons) the expansion will start in about 35 seconds and be complete in about 3.5 minutes after encountering water. At 2.5% (1 pint per five gallons) the expansion will start at 25 seconds and be complete at about 2 minutes. These reaction times were determined at 77º F with the addition of 2.5% water.

High-Pressure DIY kit for problem crack injection repair of small active leaking concrete cracks on poured concrete foundations. Includes 25 Injection packers, Polyurethane, High-pressure tool, and Packer install tools.
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