• Concrete floor crack repair with 10-minute mender and emecole e555

    Concrete Garage floor crack repair kit

    Garage Floor Repair

    Nextstar Premium Concrete Garage and Concrete Floor repair products for concrete cracks and damage in concrete floor slabs by Roadware and Emecole.

  • Concrete floor repair near you

    Garage Floor repair near you

    Quality Supply

    Nextstar concrete crack repair products are used nationally by contractors. Extensive products for foundation crack and slab repair. While also offering a select line of D-I-Y slab kits to the general public.

  • Repair extensive concrete damage

    Large Structural Cracks


    Professional garage floor results with a Roadware 10 Minute Mender kit or Mender VO for basement floors and living spaces.

  • concrete floor slab clack restoration from fire or spalls

    Fire and Spall damaged concrete floors


    Preferred Solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete floor slabs, solutions for structural repair of floor slabs.

  • Fast easy garage concrete floor repair

    Fast and Easy Concrete Garage Floor Repair


    Very fast repair times when you need to get your garage or warehouse back in operation in under one hour.

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Garage Concrete Rapid Floor Repair kit
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Garage Concrete Rapid Floor Repair kit
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Garage Concrete Rapid Floor Repair kit

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Standard 10 Minute Mender
Mender Low Odor version for living Spaces
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 Roadware is made in the USARoadware 10 Minute Mender Hybrid Polyurethane 
Concrete Garage Floor and Slab Crack Repair Kit

 Garage Floor Repair Kit Components

2 Dual cartridges of Roadware 10 Minute Mender

NX-300 Manual dispensing tool (300/300-150)

5 ¼ x 24 element mixers

2 retaining nuts – Euro Thread (white – 9 pitch)

4 cross-over restrictors

Safety goggles

3 pair rubber gloves

Print instructions and step-by-step instructional Flash Drive

MSDS Documents/PDs

Manual dispenser instructions


 Applications: Garage Concrete floor repair kit

Garage Crack repair, holes or concrete chips

Delaminated Concrete

Any Broken, damaged concrete

Fire damaged concrete

Warehouse floor repair

Concrete spalls

Freezer floor Repair

Bonding and use with Carbon Fiber

10 Minute Mender
Standard Version
Technical Specifications
Mix Ratio
Dual Cartridge Volume Total 600

Typical Properties: Value (average)

Hardness @ 72° F. (22° C)
Compressive Strength (Neat)
Compressive Strength (with sand)
Tensile Strength:
Average Modulus
Bond Strength, ASTM 882-99
Surface Tension (Wilhelmy Plate)
Gel time @ 72° F (22° C
Cure time @ 72° F (22° C)
temperature range for application
Packaging 600ml , 2 Quart, 1Gal
10 Minute Mender
 Low Odor Version
Technical Specifications for LO
Mix Ratio
Dual Cartridge Volume Total 600

Typical Properties: Value (average)

Viscosity Approx
Hardness @ 72° F. (22° C)
Compressive Strength ASTM D695
Compressive Strength (with sand)
Elongation ASTM D638
Tensile Strength, ASTM D638
Cured color, sand, and pigment determines the final color
Gel time @ 72° F (22° C
Cure Time (Tac Free) Approximately
Temperature range for application
Packaging 600ml tubes, 2 Quart,

  Instructions for 10 minute concrete mender cartridges  Cartridge Tube Instructions  


 Technical data Sheet for Roadware 10 Minute Concrete MenderTechnical Data 10 Minute Mender
Buy 10 minute concrete mender direct from Nextstar

  MSDS Material safety data sheets MSDS 10 Minute Mender


TDS for Low Odor Mender Technical Data  Mender LO
Buy 10 minute concrete mender VO  direct from Nextstar

 MSDS Material safety data sheets LOMSDS 10 Minute Mender LO


Cracks in floors and side sump pit repair using 10-minute concrete mendergarage floor crack repair before epoxy floor coatingConcrete floor spall from fire damaged, repaired and ground flat


Wouldn’t It Be Great If There Was A Quick Solution to Concrete and Garage Floor Crack Repair?

In the restoration of garage floors falling victim to cracks, one of the obstacles for many in addressing the problem is the idea that repair is an involved process of many hours and expensive equipment. In fact, there is a solution that is relatively inexpensive and has proven to be one of the most efficient methods on the road to repair. Roadware 10 Minute Mender Hybrid Polyurethane is a fast-setting product that allows concrete cracks to be repaired in literally a matter of minutes. Concrete floors in the garage can be overlayed or resurfaced in one day, wiping away cracks with a clean finish. As well, there is a low-odor component version of the product, making the repair unnoticeable to anyone close to the repair location. The ease of application and cost-efficiency is a distant thought from what many homeowners and contractors think the repair involves, which is why many do not even bother addressing the problem.

Garage Floor Concrete Crack Repair as a DIY Project

Concrete crack repair on your garage floor is certainly possible as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. The repair process itself is relatively straightforward and can be performed with the most basic of instructions. Of course, the extent of the cracks should be evaluated to determine if this is just a natural occurrence as a result of age of the surface, or if there are potentially other structural issues at work. If you think there may be larger structural floor repair issues to contend with (large and/or frequent cracks), perhaps it may be better to consult with NextStar to assess the situation.

As well, before starting, ensure that you have some basic tools at your disposal to perform the crack repairs while using the Roadware 10-Minute Mender Repair Kit. These include a grinder with a dust shroud, a shop vac, a small trowel, and sand to mix with the product. For property owners without these tools, there will be an upfront expense to purchase; however, once purchased they can serve for this and perhaps other applications in the future. If you have the time to perform crack repairs on your basement or garage floor, we can provide one of the leading products on the market to assist.

Concrete Garage Floor Crack Repair

When it comes to contractors who specialize in basement waterproofing, many do not consider the large opportunities that come with offering concrete floor crack repair, including garage floor crack repair. Over time, garage floors especially are prone to cracks and failures because of seasonal temperature changes and stress from the intended use, which is to protect vehicles from outdoor exposure. The good news is that there are products on the market that can make basement and garage concrete floor crack repairs a quick and easy process.

Other Applications in Concrete Repair

While concrete basement and garage floor restoration may be the most common repairs for many property owners, the Roadware 10 Minute Mender Hybrid Polyurethane product indeed has other surface applications. Cracks on concrete patios, walkways, and pool decks can also be resolved quickly and affordably with the Roadware 10 Minute Mender product. Addressing these issues sooner than later can save a lot of time and money down the road, as cracks typically tend to spread over larger areas over time. At some point, the extent of cracks becomes too large to remedy with a relatively simple repair, such as this application. In the case of a driveway, as an example, if cracking is not addressed soon enough, it may require a complete refurbishment of the driveway or concrete surface over time. This, then, becomes more of a structural repair and obviously requires more money to fix. There really is no reason not to repair the cracks in these concrete surfaces as soon as cracks become noticeable.

If unsure about the product and how it will look after applied, have a look at the short video listed above. It is a great tutorial on the application process from beginning to end, with a look at the finished product. We also have this product in 2-Quart easy to use kits.


 FAQs About Garage Floor Repair

Q. What can happen over time if I neglect to repair concrete basement and garage floor cracks?
A. Should you not repair these cracks, the slab will move over time and its condition will deteriorate.

Q. How many feet of cracks will a single kit repair on a garage floor or other concrete surface?
A. The typical 3 dual tube set will repair on average 40 linear ft, 1/8-inch wide, along with using silica sand.

Q. Can unused amounts of the product be stored for reuse in the future?
A. Yes, the product will last at least 1 year from the purchase date if stored properly.

Q. Why do some concrete garage floors crack and how can these cracks be prevented, if at all?
A. Generally, most garage cracks develop soon after the concrete was poured and may not develop further until conditions change, such as freezing soil or water getting under the slab and causing expansive soils from expanding. The most preventive method is to have expansion joints in the slab installed from the beginning.

Q. What possible mistakes could I make as a DIY project and can they be easily fixed?
A. The most common problem is users of the product getting in a rush and dispensing too much 10-minute mender on their first attempt. Any messes on the surface can be easily removed with a diamond cup wheel and dust shroud on a hand grinder. The second most common problem is users not using clean dry sand and this will cause the mender to expand; however, this can be ground off.

Q. Are there any signs that a crack on my concrete garage floor is perhaps something more than a minor issue?
A. Should the concrete be shifted upward on one side of a crack this may be a clue that the floor has support issues below such as soil being washed out or lack of original rebar but the lack of rebar can be solved by the use of carbon fiber stitching or staples.

Q. Is the repair color going to match my floor?
A. Roadware 10-minute mender comes in 2 versions: standard mender, which cures a light grey color; and Mender LO, which is used when vapors or smell is an issue and cures as an amber color. Both products will yellow over time, this will not affect its strength but should be covered. Using a piece of concrete as a color sample, have some exterior paint tinted to match and dab over the repair area. This will hide the repair and protect the product from yellowing.


The Ultimate Garage concrete floor repair kit. Fast strong concrete crack repair. cracks, pits, holes, and most concrete failures in your garage or shop floor, fast and easy repairs that will last.
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