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Sump Pump Ion Digital Water Level W/ Alarm Control
Sump Pump Ion Digital Float Control W/Alarm
ION Sump Pump Digital water level control with alarm. This control will outlast any mechanical float switch.
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Sump Pump Ion Digital Water Level Control
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Sump Pump Ion Digital Water Level Control
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Sump Pump Ion Digital Water Level Control

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Sump Pump Ion Switch 10ft Cord
$149.00 USD  $99.00 USD
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20ft Cord (Add $25.00 USD)
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Ion Digital Level Control Switch

• Rated for use in both sump and sewage pump applications
• Solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail
• Will work with any 115 volt pump up to 15 amps
• Longer pumping differential means it will pump more water less frequently
• 10 and 20-foot cord options are available

Download Ion Float Switch Brochure Download Brochure

ION Sump Pump Digital water level control switch that will outlast any mechanical float. Any groundwater sump pump application can be upgraded to this digital switch.
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