• Concrete and Block bowed walls supported with carbon fiber

    Carbon Fiber for Concrete

    Wall Reinforcement

    NextStar is your specialist in Carbon Fiber for poured concrete and cinder block walls. Carbon fiber is an excellent choice for bowed or walls that need extra strength. Easy to apply and more robust than steel.


  • carbon fiber and epoxy reinforcement of cracked concrete walls

    Certified and Tested Carbon fiber

    Quality Supply

    NextStar concrete crack repair products are of the highest quality and tested proven products tested to ASTM standards.

  • carbon fiber concrete wall kits

    DIY Foundation Carbon Wall

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    NextStar easy to use Carbon Fiber Fabric Reinforcement wall kits provide fast and effective structural support.

  • Carbon fiber wall straps fabric for concrete

    Carbon Fiber Staples for Walls and Floors

    Staples & Stitches

    Fortress carbon fiber concrete Staples & Stitches are a preferred product for contractors used on foundation walls, concrete swimming pools, and decks, used for many years with proven results.

  • Concrete reinforcement carbon fiber staples and stitching dogs

    Reinforcement of Concrete with


    Carbon Fiber Stitching and staples are a cost-effective solution to prevent re-cracking of concrete floors and are a preferred solution before any floor coatings are applied.

600gsm carbon Fiber for Concrete wall repair
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12in wide 300 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete with Epoxy
300 GSM Bulk unidirectional Carbon Fiber sold by the ft with Startech Epoxy included. Use for reinforcement of weak or compromised block concrete walls, corners, irregular shaped or bowed concrete or cinder block walls.
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$15.00 USD

Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Fortress Grid Strap Wall Stabilization ICC Kit
Stabilize poured concrete wall or cinder block walls from bowing and re-cracking with 6 strap Carbon fiber Kevlar Fortress Grid wall support Straps ICC Certified.
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8in wide 300 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete with Epoxy
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8in wide 300 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete with Epoxy
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8in wide 300 GSM Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete with Epoxy

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$12.80 USD
$10.88 USD (Discount for above 150ft)
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 Contents: of Orders Minimum 10ft or 3M

Carbon fiber for concrete bulk supply with Epoxy 1 - 150ft long roll carbon fiber 300GSM Uni-Directional fiber 8in wide

Epoxy for carbon finer supplied 600mls /Av of Epoxy  per 10ft ordered

Upgrade to 162ft or 50M Upgrade  to 150ft and receive discounts 

Accessories supplied Disposable (+) are increased based on order volume 

Roller Tray 1 - Roller tray

Roller Head 1 - Roller heads and Roller+

Epoxy rollers 2 - Square Trowels

Roller Tray Mixing Bucket+ - Gloves+

Instructions 1 - Instructions Document

  • Requires that you have grinding equipment to prepare and decontaminate the concrete surface before application.

300GSM Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Fabric Grade 1   (grams per square meter)8in Wide

300GSM is perfect for Poured or Block walls with cracked walls or curved applications to prevent re-cracking.
Ideal for a contractor as general use carbon fiber for concrete reinforcement. Unidirectional carbon provides the best carbon fiber application solution as it has the least elongation or stretch before it is under full load.  Woven Carbon fabric from others allows for much more movement of the concrete crack, and joint and may contribute to the failure of the intended repair. Account for a maximum spacing when reinforcing block or poured walls of 4ft vertically or horizontally.

Applications of 300GSM 8 in Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

use as Carbon fiber wall strap Reinforcement to Poured or Masonry Block walls
Block or Poured concrete walls Use to form Carbon Fiber Wall Straps
Retaining walls Retaining walls
Reinforce concrete corners Reinforce exterior concrete corners
Support window openings or lintels Reinforce foundation window openings or lintel
Carbon Fiber fabric can be used horizontally n concrete walls Use horizontally to bridge openings

Steps of Application of the Carbon Fiber

1. Prepare any wall cracks if a poured wall using Epoxy Crack Injection if a block wall re-tuckpoint any broken mortar joints.

2. Using a diamond cup wheel with a grinder and dust shroud, decontaminate the concrete surface and vacuum all dust off the concrete wall surface.

3. Layout carbon fiber on a clean surface to cut to the proper length as needed.

4. Mix the Startech Epoxy 2:1 ratio in a mixing cup

5. Apply some epoxy to the concrete surface approximately 6 in wide where the carbon fiber is to be installed using a trowel and roller. Also roller one side of the carbon that is to be applied.

6. Apply the fabric to the concrete with the epoxy-coated side toward the wall and using the roller supplied, roll the material while adding more epoxy.

7. At this point, using the square trowel supplied and using the flat side trowel, the epoxy into the fabric to work it into the Carbon Fiber Strap. Make sure that you have the carbon fabric held down so it does not move.

8. Re-roll the fabric to smooth out the epoxy and add more epoxy as needed.

300gsm Carbon Fiber Properties 

Tensile Modulus (MPa) 2.4x 10-5 ASTM D3039 
Tensile Strength (MPa) 4100 ASTM 10618
Elongation at Break (%) 1.6 ASTM D3039

Structural Epoxy for Carbon Fiber 

Startech  Hi-Modulus Fiber Matrix is a 100% solids, solvent-free, two-component MOISTURE INSENSITIVE EPOXY. Startech Fiber Matrix is a low-viscosity epoxy for wetting and use carbon fiber for structural repairs.

Epoxy Advantages

  • Easy mix ratio: 2 Parts A to 1 Part B by Volume
  • Long Pot Life with rapid strength development
  • Provides high early strength and excellent adhesion to most structural materials
  • Insensitive to moisture before, during, and after cure
  • Low-temperature cures - As low as 40oF (4oC)


  • Startech LPL Hi-Modulus Fiber Matrix is a 100% solids, solvent-free, two-component MOISTURE INSENSITIVE EPOXY. Startech Fiber Matrix is a low-viscosity epoxy for wetting and carbon fiber for structural repairs.
  • Moisture Insensitive & low-temperature cure
  • Nano Fiber Matrix Structural Epoxy

8-inch 300 GSM Unidirectional Carbon Fiber & Epoxy for foundation wall reinforcement. 300 GSM is a great economical choice for general foundation wall reinforcement. Ideal for irregular bowed concrete foundation walls and corner crack repair.
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