• Static mixers tubes for epoxy and polyurethane products

    Static Mixers for Dispensing

    Static Mixers

    Static Mixers are mechanical way to mix two component products before dispensing with out using any moving parts. Selecting the right type depends of the type of product and is viscosity.

  • Static mixers used with concrete crack injection kits epoxy or poly foam

    Used with all our Injection kits

    Quality Mix

    All of our cartridge based systems use static mixers to accurately mix product before injection of Epoxy, Polyurethane or Polyurea .A fast economical method that can also be used with feed hose systems.

  • Quality online supply store

    Online Store

    Quality Supply

    Nextstar concrete crack repair products used Nationally by contractors. Extensive products for foundation crack and slab repair. While also offering a select line of D-I-Y slab kits to the general public.

  • mixers for concrete repair

    Concrete Flooring Repair


    Preferred solution for concrete floor repair chemicals such as 10 Minute Mender fast E555 and 85-90 flexible polyurea. Static mixers make the application of these chemicals fast and efficient. Using standard two component dispensing tools.

  • Specialty Static mixers for 2 component mixing

    Specialty Static Mixers


    Specialty Static mixers for two-component mixing of joint fillers of expansion joints or any special application that requires mixing accurately at any temperature.

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Static Mixer Selector for dual cartridge tubes
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Static Mixer Selector for dual cartridge tubes
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Static Mixer Selector for dual cartridge tubes

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Static Mixer Selector

How to order:

We have combined all the product mixers to this single page product selector to make selection easier.

1. If you need only one kind of mixer, you can select and choose how many before adding to the cart.

2. If you need multiple different mixers, simply select add to the shopping cart.  It will automatically go to the cart page, then use your back button and select the next item to add to the cart.  When you have added the last mixer to the cart, then update the quantities of all your mixer items before you continue shopping as needed.

Static Mixer Sizes Explained

The Static Mixer number indicates its size.  A 1/4 x 24 Mixer size for example, the first number "1/4" (.25 inch) indicates the inside diameter of the mixer.  The second number "24" indicates the number of mixer elements inside.

Different epoxy products have different viscosities, thin to thick in nature.  It is important to use the proper size mixer for the product being injected.  A thick product will not pass through a small thin mixer and will get plugged, so it is important to use a wider mixer for a thicker viscosity product.  Warming the thicker epoxies is still required in order for them to pass through a thick mixer.  All thin products will pass through and mix properly using a larger mixer.

Number of Elements
Static mixer detailStatic mixer tube detail

The number of static mixer elements inside is important as some products require extra mixing to be properly mixed by the time it reaches the end of the mixer.  Nearly all Polyurethane foam products or thin Urethanes do not need to be mixed more than 24 times so the 1/4x24 element mixer can be used for almost all of these products, not just Nextstar products.

Static Mixers for Epoxy

Epoxies generally require to be mixed at least 32 times. The EHV and injection 101 paste have a limitation in that if you are using a manual dispenser, these epoxies are nearly impossible or difficult to pass through a large diameter, 32-element mixer.  Heating the product and using a large diameter, 24-element mixer is the best compromise when using a manual tool. For contractors that use a pneumatic dispensing tool, this is not an issue as these tools can pressure up to 90 lbs pressure easily so it is recommended to use the large 32-element mixers with the 101 or EHV epoxy.

Specialty Mixers 40 - 48 Element

These special mixers are used when the product may contain solvents, dyes or pigments that require extra mixing to resolve any separation or unmixed chemical items that may affect the cure of the product.

Equalizing the Cartridges

No matter what mixer is used with a product, most dual cartridge systems are never filled perfectly and one side may be filled more than the other side.  Before using any product, make sure the pistons in the cartridge have equalized so that the product is properly mixed.  Disposing of the first dispensed product is important because it equalizes the pistons and will ensure a proper mix.

Cross-Over Flow Restrictors

A flow restrictor is used under the mixer to reduce one side from contaminating the other side of the cartridge, for low Viscosity products only.  If it is determined that only a partial cartridge will be used on a project and the remainder of the product will be used at a later time, than a flow restrictor is recommended.  No flow restrictor is needed if a complete cartridge is dispensed continuously.  Do not use these flow restrictors with any product thicker than a medium viscosity.

Cross-over Flow Restrictors

Select the right tube mixer for your epoxy or Polyurethane foam products. For standard dual component cartridges like 102,e555, 10-minute mender and most epoxies or polyurethanes no matter the brand, bell housing.
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