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    Concrete Crack Width Gauge

    Crack Guage

    NextStar is your specialist in concrete crack repair for foundation and slab floor restoration. Provider of repair and monitoring of cracks in concrete. National # 1-866-445-3984

  • Concrete crack gauge and measurement

    Concrete Crack Gauge and Monitor

    Quality Supply

    You can use a Concrete Crack Gauge to diagnose foundation issues, determine if they are structural or not, and aid in the decision-making for the appropriate concrete or block wall repair method.

  • Concrete Foundation Crack Structural Repair

    DIY Foundation Crack Repair

    Concrete Cracks

    Premium Polyurethane foam for nonstructural basement foundation leaks that are small or vertical breaks in the concrete. Epoxy injection is for concrete basement foundation cracks that are structurally large or horizontal breaks in concrete.

  • Concrete floor slab crack measurement, restoration and structural reinforcement

    Diagnose Broken Concrete Floors

    Slab Floors

    You can monitor and test concrete floor cracks with a crack gauge to determine shifting movements or verify that a structural bond has occurred.  A crack gauge is a preferred tool for any field Engineer.

  • Concrete reinforcement with carbon fiber stronger than steel

    Concrete Reinforcement

    Carbon Fiber Stitching

    After a proper diagnosis, Carbon Fiber solutions for cracked or bowed concrete can reinforce walls structurally with carbon fiber, making it stronger than steel at a lower cost. Carbon fiber provides a proven modern solution to an old problem.

Concrete Crack Gauge & Monitor
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Crack Gauge for Concrete Crack Monitoring
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Crack Gauge for Concrete Crack Monitoring
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Crack Gauge for Concrete Crack Monitoring

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Enhance Concrete Crack Monitoring with Nextstar High-Quality Gauges

Features of the Concrete Crack Monitoring Gauge

High-Quality Concrete Crack Monitor

Discover an affordable and top-notch solution for tracking concrete cracks in foundations and structures with Nextstar's high-quality concrete crack gauges. Easily mount these gauges using standard wall anchors and screws, or opt for a quick-setting epoxy for a secure attachment to concrete walls or floors.

Accurate Measurement with Plus & Minus 20 mm Precision

  • ±1 mm (±0.04") Marks on X-Y axes; ±0.5 mm (±0.02") discrimination
  • ±20 mm (±0.79") Horizontal and ±10 mm (±0.38") Vertical range

Benefit from a clear and precise scale that remains easy to read from any position. Monitor corner cracks effortlessly by utilizing an angle bracket during application, ensuring accurate measurements with a range of plus or minus 20 mm.

Efficient Vertical & Horizontal Movement Monitoring

After installation across crack lines, the concrete crack gauge enables seamless monitoring of both vertical and horizontal shifts. This straightforward design facilitates quick identification of motion in any two-axis or combination, providing valuable information on the direction of concrete movement for appropriate reinforcement solutions.

Tracking Movement Over Time with Crack Gauges

Install the crack gauge monitor for extended periods, such as six months or more, to reveal crucial insights. Record movement periodically, using a simple method like capturing regular photos with a cell phone. This practice is especially effective for detecting movements over a 24-hour period, prevalent in foundations facing structural issues or concrete cracks, particularly in regions with significant daily temperature variations.

Simple install with Epoxy Paste or Screws and Plugs

Achieve easy installation by drilling four small anchor holes in the concrete and securing the crack gauge with screws, or utilize epoxy paste for a reliable attachment. In cases where the concrete surface is clean and smooth, two-way VB tape can be used. The gauge's removal and reuse are made convenient, offering flexibility in monitoring various locations.

Durable and Cost-Effective Solution

Experience the durability of Nextstar Concrete Crack Gauges, providing a cost-effective solution for repeated use. This is particularly advantageous for field engineers managing multiple gauge installations in one location, contributing to cost-effectiveness. 

Versatile Application on Floors, Walls, or Corner Cracks

Install the concrete crack gauge on a variety of surfaces, including concrete floors, foundation walls, retaining structures, floor slabs, or expansion joints. This versatility ensures comprehensive monitoring across different elements of your structure.

Ideal for Poured or Block Construction

Utilize the standard crack gauge for monitoring poured concrete or any block construction, including cracks or tuckpointed joints. This ensures effective monitoring and early detection of movements in diverse construction types.


Nextstar Concrete Crack Gauge: Accurate, durable monitoring for vertical & horizontal movements. Versatile, cost-effective, ideal for various construction.
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