• concrete bowed walls supported with carbon fiber

    Fortress 4000 Epoxy for Carbon Fiber

    Concrete Reinforcement

    NextStar is your specialist in Carbon Fiber for poured concrete and block walls. Carbon fiber is an excellent choice for bowed or walls that need extra strength. Easy to apply and stronger than steel.

  • Fortress 4000 Epoxy and structural applications

    Certified and Tested Carbon fiber

    Quality Supply

    NextStar concrete crack repair products are of the highest quality along with tested and proven Fortress products with ICC certification.

  • carbon fiber concrete wall kits

    D.I.Y Foundation Carbon Wall

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    NextStar easy-to-use carbon fiber fabric reinforcement kits that can also be used on irregular shapes.

  • Carbon fiber wall straps fabric for concrete

    Carbon Fiber Staples for Walls and Floors

    Staples & Stitches

    Fortress carbon fiber staples are a preferred product for angle cracking used on foundation walls and concrete swimming pools. They have been used for many years with proven results.

  • Concrete reinforcement carbon fiber staples and stitching dogs

    Reinforcement of Concrete with


    Carbon Fiber Stitching and staples are a cost-effective solution to prevent re-cracking of concrete floors and is a preferred solution before any floor coatings are applied.

Carbon fiber Epoxy for concrete stitches & staples
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Carbon Fiber Stitch Epoxy 400ml with Mixer
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Carbon Fiber Stitch Epoxy 400ml with Mixer
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Carbon Fiber Stitch Epoxy 400ml with Mixer

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NextStar 4000 Epoxy

is a specially designed true gel with exceptional bonding capabilities. It is ideal for bonding to challenging substrates like Carbon Fiber. This product can also be dispensed and mixed by hand making it a very versitile Epoxy. Each tube provided with one static tube mixer.
Key features include:

  • 400 mL total volume in a 300x100 mL cartridge with a static mixer for standard 2:1 dispensing.
  • Can be dispensed using a standard application tool with a small cartridge adapter piston.
  • Minimal air entrapment during manufacturing.
  • Cure in the presence of water, even underwater.
  • No sagging on vertical or overhead applications.
  • 100% solids with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • High tensile and shear strength.
  • Ambient cure.
  • Designed for ductile load transfer to FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer).
  • Minimal or no air entrapment.

Common applications for NextStar 4000

  • Carbon Fiber Stitch, Staple or Rod bonding

  • Anchoring bolts

  • Bonding Carbon Fiber plate to concrete

  • Use as extra high strength epoxy paste

  • Bridge and highway Reinforcement
  • Design or construction defects
  • 1 Tube of Epoxy will install five to seven stitches

Performance Benifits

  • Great compatibility with Carbon Fiber
  • Double component bidphenol-A modified epoxy resin based adhesive
  • Environment friendly
  • Good thxiotropic property, easy to apply
  • Excellent long-term performance
  • Excellent aging resistance and medium resistance, humidity resistance and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Good physical performance after curing, strong toughness

NextStar 4000 Structural Epoxy

Standard 400mL cartridge
Structural 4000 Epoxy packaging 400ml
Hand Mix 2:1 Ratio Bags 2:1
Structural 4000 Epoxy packaging 2:1 chemical mix bags
Technical Details for use with Carbon - Fiber Stitching Technical Data    
Standards via Testing
Tensile Strength
Tensile Modulus
Elongation at Break
Compressive Strengh
Flexural Strength
Shear Strength
Bonding Strength
Deflection Temp
55 C
Water Absoption
ASTM (American Society for Testing)
Hi Mod Gel 4000 Nextstar Epoxy for carbon fiber and anchoring Epoxy. Toughened high strength epoxy used with carbon fiber staples, Stitches, 400 ML dual tube.
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