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    Concrete Slab Repair

    Nextstar is your specialists in concrete floor protection and repair of flooring. NW Alberta local 780-518-9806

    Concrete floor slab repair and restoration, in grande prairie,fairview,wembley,valleyview,dawson creek
  • Concrete Slab Crack Repair

    Slab Cracks

    Nextstar provides services and products for effective concrete slab repair with the latest technologies for strong long lasting repairs.

    Repair concrete floors before they cause larger problems
  • Concrete Floor Spalls


    A NextStar methods can be used to restore damaged concretre floors without replacement. Permenant repairs that used in conjuntion with floor coatings can transform the use and value of the floor.

    grande prairie concrete floor coatings epoxy polyaspartic
  • Repair & Prep of Concrete


    Mechanically preparing the concrete is the only way to insure a proper bond is achieved. Nextstar uses the best in commercial grade equipment /preparation and repair of your concrete surface for a long lasting floor coating.

    concrete preparation repair cracks restoration before concrete floor coatinns are applied
  • NextStar Carbon Fiber


    Nextstar provides many differant solutions for commecial applications. Carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforcements used with hybrid grouts to reinforce and stabilize slabs.

    carbon fiber reinforcement of concrete
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Concrete Slab Floor Repair

NextStar can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete slabs.

Local 780-518-9806 NW Alberta

Concrete contractor services in the grande prairie alberta region

concrete slab crack repair Repair hairline cracks or larger, where future movement is not anticipated.

concrete restoration Restoring integrity to distressed oncrete.

broken slabs concrete Connecting broken slabs.

carbon fiber concrete Repair moving slabs.

slab spall repair Repair spalls and pop-outs in concrete.

concrete anchoring bolts Securing bolts, equipment, or railings into concrete.

concrete floor coatings and repair Repair concrete surface imperfections prior to coating.

concrete slab crack repair Carbon fiber / Kevlar reinforcements.

epoxy and polyurethance crack repair contractors grande prairie alberta canada

Better Concrete floor Repairs

Structural concrete floor repairs for industrial use Before & After
Nextstar before and after slab repair using roadware products

Concrete contractor services in the grande prairie alberta region