• Concrete Epoxy crack injection repair kits

    Concrete Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection

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    Foundation Epoxy crack repair kits by Nextstar are your choice in concrete crack repair for foundations with structural problems. National # 1-866-445-3984

  • epoxy concrete crack repair products epoxy injection kits for concrete foundations and supplies

    Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection kits

    Epoxy Injection

    Epoxy concrete crack injection kits are used by contractors and professionals for foundations with structural cracks. Offering a solution to restore concrete to its original strength.

  • concrete foundation crack injection repair kit with epoxy

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

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    Professional results with Polyurethane of leaking basement concrete cracks, Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low pressure crack injection methods. Easy to use kits.

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    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete. Solutions for structural repair of concrete including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement with Epoxy.

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    Wall Flaws

    Epoxy injections allow permanent repair of wall spalls caused by unconsolidated concrete. They are weak spots in the wall and should be injected with epoxy. Typically found in ICF and poured concrete walls that were not vibrated when poured.

NextStar Epoxy Crack Foundation injection kit
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Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair Kit 10-60ft
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolyurethane-crack-injection-kits
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Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair Kit 10-60ft

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NextStar Technologies NX1312

Standard Epoxy Injection
UPC code 628719058053

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10ft Pro Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection Kit optional Upgrades to 60ft for structural concrete foundation wall crack repairs using low-pressure injection of epoxy. Includes Low Viscosity 32 degree curing epoxy. Can be upgraded to a 60ft contractor kit.

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NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem ReviewsPolyurethane-crack-injection-kits
It was easier than I thought but...
It was easier than I thought but...
I recommend following the instructions exactly and down to every detail. My mistake was that I thought the amount of surface paste I applied was sufficient. I applied it in an amount and area smaller than recommended in the instructions. The effect were a couple of leaks that couldn't be stopped, so I waited for the epoxy to flow out and gel/partially cure. The next day, I applied a wider coat of the surface paste and I injected more epoxy through the ports. I did two crack lines. If I followed the instructions, it would have taken about 2 to 3 hours from start to finish. I'm very satisfied with the result and, after a few rainy days and a test of a few buckets of water poured outside around the crack, I am confident the leaks are now stopped. I will be definitely ordering more for the other side of the basement.
Saved Time and Money - Easy to DIY!
Saved Time and Money - Easy to DIY!
I had a small weeping crack in the basement that was discovered during a renovation that went from the corner of a window down to the floor. I did a lot of research and found NextStar and after reading up on the material thought this was simple enough that I could do it. Sure enough, it was as easy as advertised. I even recorded the process on my YouTube channel. Save yourself a bucket load of money and do it yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSw5r08ecpY
Was the Best option
Was the Best option
I like in a remote town and getting a contractor in to do the job was more than I expected. So I ordered this kit as was surprised that the repair was not hard to do at all and the repair went well. Grand Cache AB
Saved me lots
Saved me lots
Just completed 2x basement cracks with the epoxy injection repair. Excellent instructions and kit. Spent $260 and saved $2000. D Pearce Surry BC
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Nextstar Technologies provides a high-quality epoxy foundation repair kit for structural concrete wall cracks. Our DIY kit includes low-pressure injection epoxy, ideal for fixing foundation wall cracks. Upgrade to our contractor kit for larger repairs.
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