• picture of a concrete  bowed basement foundation wall

    Bowed Cracked Block Wall Repair

    Bowed Walls

    Cracked bowed block wall repair using Unidirectional carbon fiber that is ideal for lowering the cost of basement wall repairs on block foundations. Stop movement before more damage is caused with horizontal crack repair.

  • Quality carbon fiber concrete wall repair products

    Concrete Reinforcement


    Need to know how to repair a bowed concrete block basement wall ? Our specialized 12inch wide carbon fiber straps offers the best in Block foundation reinforcement, with a very simple application process.

  • Nextstar 8 inch wide Carbon Fiber wall kit

    Stronger than Steel


    The Bigfoot Foundation Carbon Fiber Fabric an easy-to-use bowing concrete basement foundation kit. With many uses, it can also be used on irregular shapes like corners and any bowing walls. Used on horizontal or vertical crack repair problems.

  • Carbon strips / straps can retain value in your home.

    Bowed Cracked Block Wall Repair


    Repair your bowing or cracked foundation wall from outside soil pressure will add value and structural integrity to your homes basement. Used in Bowing or walls with Stair-Step cracks.

DIY - 12 Inch Carbon Fiber Basement Foundation bowed wall kits
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Bowed Block Wall Carbon Fiber Repair kit 12"x 54'ft
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Product Review of Bowed Block Wall Carbon Fiber Repair kit 12"x 54'ft

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BigFoot 12in Carbon Fiber Kit

Ideal for Block walls

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DIY 12in Wide Carbon Fiber and Epoxy foundation kit, Great for concrete block basement walls. Transfer stress loads to a much larger area .

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I just finished the one side of my basement
I just finished the one side of my basement
Hello Chester, I just finished the one side of my basement and had it inspected by a structural engineer. This is the area where the kitchen is being installed in the pics that are attached. The product has worked well so far and the only issue I have had is just that the epoxy came up a bit short but you did send out some more and should be enough to complete the use of the rest of the carbon fiber I have. I do appreciate you being available throughout the project for help with questions because starting this was a bit intimidating but now seems less. C Smith CO USA
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12in Carbon Fiber Straps for block basement foundation walls. Bowed wall reinforcement repair kit. Epoxy and carbon fiber with complete instructions. 12inch wide straps provide the best support for cinder block CMU.
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