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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair. High pressure pumps, packers and injection chemicals.

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High Pressure DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair kit w/ Packers
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
High Pressure DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair kit w/ Packers
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High Pressure DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair kit w/ Packers

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High Pressure DIY Crack Kit
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Upgrade to 20ft 50 packers + 1 Gallon + Activator (Add $99.00 USD)
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NextStar DIY High-Pressure Concrete Crack Repair Kit

for poured concrete wall crack repairs. High-Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection for crack repairs between 8-12' of small to hairline cracks that are actively leaking, or not.   Includes blended 100/800 viscosity Injection Foam, High-Pressure Gun, ½ inch packers, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Crack Repair Kit provides HIGH-PRESSURE injection repair of concrete foundation cracks as narrow as .002", and repairs 8-12' of 8" thick poured foundation wall. Polyurethane material is injected up to 4500 psi with this repair method. The 100/800 Polyurethane expands on contact with water or moisture while sealing and expelling out water. This repair method works on actively leaking foundation cracks or all small concrete wall cracks. Ideal kit for those concrete wall cracks that have been previously repaired by hydraulic cement. The blended Polyurethane can expand to 25 times its volume size. For standard cracks with 1/6 inch or larger, we recommend using a low-pressure repair method instead.


WHERE TO USE: Poured Concrete Walls Only 

Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Foundation cracks that actively leaking water
Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Foundation walls where the crack is very small
Narrow loaking cracks in concrete Hairline cracks as narrow as 0.002"
Foundation Cracks that have been repaired before Leaking cracks that have been previously unsuccessfully been repaired


Drill into place mechanical packers to allow injection into the tightest cracks Drill into place mechanical packers to allow injection into the tightest cracks
Foundation Cracks that wont stop leaking Inject and repair wet cracks that are leaking
Expanding polyurethane foam for high pressure concrete crack injection Expanding urethane foam completely fills the crack
Fix previous bad repairs Able to penetrate past any previously installed surface repair products such as hydraulic cement without chiseling  
New Desgin that will not leak New design unlike other high-pressure kits this applicator will not leak and includes an air inlet valve 
Easy to use instructions Easy to use instructions


half gallon of activated high-pressure polyurethane foam ½ Gallon blended Polyurethane foam W Activator 
25 high pressure Injection packers 25  1/2" packers
High Pressure applicaton tool 1 High-Pressure Injection Applicator
Packer installation tool 1 Packer Install tool
Safety goggles Safety goggles
4 pairs of gloves and mixers 4 Pairs of gloves & Mixing Cup
Full set of Instuctions Instructions for use
Free shipping USA and Canada Free Shipping US & Canada

An upgrade includes 25 additional packers and increases the volume of Polyurethane to 1 Gallon.

High Pressure Carck Injection Step 1High Pressure Carck Injection Step 2
High Pressure Carck Injection Step 3High Pressure Carck Injection Step 4
High Pressure Carck Injection Step 5High Pressure Carck Injection Completion step 6

High-Pressure DIY kit for problem crack injection repair of small active leaking concrete cracks on poured concrete foundations. Includes 25 Injection packers, Polyurethane, High-pressure tool, and Packer install tools.
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