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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair.  Also offering a select line of D-I-Y products to the general public. Enter Here

  • concrete foundation crack repair with urethane foam or epoxy

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

    Concrete Cracks

    Premium Polyurethane foam or Epoxy injection for basement concrete foundation cracks, to stop leaking foundations or repair of structural foundation walls using Epoxy.

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    Repair of broken concrete slab floors

    Slab Floors

    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete floor slabs. Solutions for structural repair of concrete slabs including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement.

  • Concrete foundation reinforcement with carbon fiber stronger than steel

    Concrete Reinforcement

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber solutions for cracked or bowed concrete structurally reinforced with carbon fiber, stronger that steel but at a reduced cost. Carbon fiber provides a modern proven solution to an old problem and easy to apply.

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Tool Dual Applicator NX600 ML
Tool Dual Applicator NX600ML
Dual component manual dispensing gun for 600ML X 600 and 600ML X 300ML large Epoxy tube sets. Used commonly for commercial or Industrial epoxy's. Pistons to change size provided.
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$124.95 USD  $55.00 USD

30 ft Epoxy DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair Kit
30ft Epoxy Pro Kit
30 ft Epoxy crack repair kit for structural low pressure epoxy injection repair of a concrete wall crack. Kit includes low viscosity epoxy unless a substitute viscosity is requested. Additional supplies can be added for wider cracks.
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$445.00 USD

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600 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete Contractor
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
600 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete Contractor
Item Name:

600 GSM Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete Contractor

Item #:
600 GSM Carbon Fiber Bulk Per FT
$13.40 USD
$12.06 USD (Discount for 50-99 ft)
$11.39 USD (Discount above 99ft)
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Product Image Gallery:

 Contents: of Orders Minimum 10ft or 3M

Carbon fiber bulk supply 1 - 162ft long roll carbon fiber 600GSM Uni Directional fiber

Epoxy for carbon finer supplied 900mls of 4550 Fotec Epoxy per 10ft ordered

Upgrade to 162ft or 50M Upgrade  to 162ft or 50M

Roller Tray 1 - Roller trays

Roller Head 1 - Roller heads

Epoxy rollers 2 - Roller

Roller Tray Square Trowel

Instructions 1 - Instructions Document

Mixing cups and Gloves

  • Requires that you have grinding equipment to prepare and dcontaminate the concrete surface befor application.

600 GSM Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Fabric (grams per square meter)

600 GSM is perfect for irregular shaped cracked walls or curved applications to prevent re-cracking.
Ideal for a contractor as general use carbon fiber for concrete reinforcement. Unidirectional carbon provides for the best solution for carbon fiber applications as it has the least elongation or stretch before it is under full load. Woven fabrics allow for much more movement of the concrete joint being reinforced and this may contribute to failure of the intended repair. Account for a maximum spacing when reinforcing block or poured walls of 4ft vertically or horizontally.

Steps of Application of the Carbon Fiber

1. Prepare any wall cracks if a poured wall uses Epoxy crack injection, if a block wall re-tuck point any broken mortar joints etc.

2. Using a diamond cup wheel with a grinder and dust shroud decontaminate the concrete surface and vacuum clean.

3. Lay out carbon fiber on a clean surface to cut to proper length as needed.

4. Mix the fortec Epoxy 2:1 ratio in mixing cup, only mix enough to due 10ft or so at a time 900 mls.

5. Apply some epoxy to the concrete surface approximately 6 in wide where the carbon fiber is to be installed using trowel and roller. You can also roller one side of the carbon that is to be applied.

6. Apply the fabric to the concrete with the epoxy coated side toward each other and using the roller supplied roll the fabric and add more epoxy.

7. At this point using the square trowel supplied and using the flat side trowel the epoxy into the fabric to work it into the carbon. Make sure that you have the carbon fabric held down, so it does not move.

8. Re roll the fabric to smooth out the epoxy and add more epoxy as needed.

Structural Epoxy for carbon Fiber

Fortec 4550 LPL Hi-Modulus Fiber Matrix is a 100% solids, solvent-free, two-component MOISTURE INSENSITIVE EPOXY. Fortec 4550 Fiber Matrix is a low viscosity epoxy for wetting and use with carbon fiber for structural repairs.


  • Easy mix ratio: 2 Parts A to 1 Part B by Volume
  • Long Pot Life with rapid strength development
  • Provides high early strength and excellent adhesion to most structural materials
  • Insensitive to moisture before, during and after cure
  • Low temperature cures - As low as 40oF (4oC)


  • Moisture Insensitive & low temperature cure
  • #4550 LPL Fiber Matrix Structural Epoxy
Bulk carbon fiber fabric 600GSM kit for foundation wall reinforcement. This kit will allow for upgrade to 162 ft or 50M of coverage. ideal for irregular bowed concrete foundation walls and corner crack repair.
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