NextStar Support Articles for Concrete Foundation and Crack repair

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Technical tips for Concrete Crack Injection. Articles, Video Support

Tech Tip List for Foundation Walls 

    1. 1 Where do I view the Material Safety Data Sheets?
    2. 2 What about Repairing cracks in the winter.
    3. 3 How do I use the feed hose supplied?
    4. 4 How long will the products product life span in storage?
    5. 5 How do I do a repair of an active leaking crack? 
    6. 6 How do I know if a concrete crack is structural or not?
    7. 7 Product Volume calculator.
      8 General product  information page 


NextStar Articles For Concrete Crack and Foundation Repair 


  1. 1 Basic information about our Polyurethanes and Epoxy.
  2. 2 The Foundations of Crack Repair
  3. 3 Water entering the basement for the wall-floor joint.
  4. 4 Repair of Snapties , Rod holes and similar pin holes in basement walls.
  5. 5 Insulated Concrete Forms ICF and the special problems affecting them.
  6. 6 Basement floor cracking and drainage issues.


NextStar Support Videos

  1. 1 Video for general low-pressure crack injection system hardware and plastic pieces, tools (See video below).
  2. 2 Kit 1 Polyurethane Universal crack injection kit
  3. 3 Kit 3 Ultra-low Viscosity Epoxy kit for ultra-small cracks or snap ties.
  4. 4 Fortress Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch install
  5. 5 How to use a feed hose.

  Basic hardware and tools video

Nextstar support articles for concrete crack repair, Leaky basement and foundation crack repairs. Support for product use and methods of repair of cracked concrete including. Articles for homeowners and contractors alike
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