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30 ft. Epoxy Crack Injection Repair Kit
30ft Epoxy Crack injection kit
Structural Epoxy to repair basement wall cracks up to 30 feet using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy.
$450.00 USD  $435.00 USD
In Stock

8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Staple kit
8-15ft Ultimate Repair Kit
The Ultimate in cracked concrete wall repair for structural repair. A combined kit of epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber Staples, complete kit for up to 15 ft of wall in an easy to use kit.
$555.00 USD
In Stock

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30 ft. DIY PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit
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30 ft. DIY PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit
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30 ft. DIY PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit

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30 ft Urethane Crack injection kit
$365.00 USD  $335.00 USD
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Tool Box (Add $38.00 USD)
Spring Assisted Injection Tool (Add $59.00 USD)
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Concrete crack repair with the  30 ft. DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit is equipped with the necessary components, packed conveniently within a toolbox, for the proper repair of basement wall cracks up to 30 feet using low-pressure injection.
Read basic repair procedure

Repair kits allow a do-it-yourself homeowner or handyman to use the same materials and packaging that we supply professional contractors.

30 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit with Urethane Foam

  • Three dual cartridges  901 Surface seal
  • Three dual cartridges NextStar 102 Urethane Foam
  • Four 1/4 x 24 element mixers & 4 retaining nuts
  • Six cross-over restrictors
  • Fifty surface ports and caps
  • Ten corner ports
  • Four hose assemblies
  • NX-300 Manual dispensing tool (300/300-150ml)
  • Safety glasses
  • Five pair rubber gloves
  • Trowel , wire brush & water flush bottle
  • Step-by-step instructional CD-ROM
  • MSDSs/PDs/How to Use Dispensing Tool
  • Tool box (optional)
  • ( US Customer orders will shipped Via DHL at no extra cost)

Injection by Urethane Foam vs. Epoxy:
NextStar's 30 ft. D-I-Y Foundation Wall Crack Repair Kits are available with either urethane foam or epoxy injection.

Two component urethane rapidly expands when it comes in contact with moisture. Filling voids both within the crack and behind the wall, quickly hardening to a flexible and permanent repair.

When the structural integrity of the concrete is a problem, or believed to be a problem, epoxy is the preferred material for injection. Epoxies effectively seal cracks while reinforcing the repair area to be stronger than the non-repaired area around it.
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Seal & Peal option allows the surface paste to be removed should the surface need to be exposed or be completely flush after repair is completed , generaly not required.

Equipped to repair basement wall cracks up to 30 feet 
using low-pressure crack injection with Polyurethane foam. 
Stop leaking non structural cracks

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