Water alarm systems for sump pumps

Water-Flood & Radon Alarms

Water-Flood & Radon Alarms
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WA-318  Wireless Water Alert
Wireless Water Alarm for sump pump or water detection in basements. up to 4 sensors can be used.

$37.95 USD
Out Of Stock
WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer
WA 700 Water alarm that can hook to phone line to dial you when your sump pump or basement has water problems .Home owners and property managers alike.

WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer
$69.00 USD
In Stock
Radon Pro 3 Radon Test Monitor
Pro 3 Radon gas Continuous Home Radon Testing electronic monitor. Canadian certified version.

Radon Pro 3
$149.95 USD
In Stock
Alarm system for sump pumps ,wet basements including auto dialers for homeowners and commercial operations

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