Plastic parts -Mixers- Nuts-feed hoses for crack injection
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Surface Ports , Static Mixers etc

Surface Ports , Static Mixers etc

Products used for low pressure injection including all the plastic parts associated.

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Standard Low Pressure Injection Port
Injection ports for low pressure injection singles Plus.Can be injected directly from mixer or use feed hose.

Standard Injection Port
$0.85 USD
In Stock
Low Pressure injection corner port
Injection corner ports for low pressure injection for corners or drilled injection loactions.

Corner Port
$0.90 USD
In Stock
1/4 X 24 Element Static mixer
1/4in by 24 element static mixer standard for polyurethane crack injection systems

1/4X24 Static Mixer
$3.00 USD
In Stock
Static Mixer Retaining Nut 9 Pitch
Nut for attaching static mixers to dual tube products like Epoxy ,Polyurethane foams and products like 10 minute mender

$1.00 USD
In Stock
1/4 X 32 Element Static mixer for ULV- LV MV Epoxy
Static Mixer for low and medium #4, ULV,LV MV Viscosity Epoxy's

1/4X32 Static Mixer
$3.63 USD
In Stock
Auto-Injector for polyurethane & slow setting Epoxy
Auto Injector cartridge for self injection pressures to 40 psi without special injection tools . Ideal for LV polyurethane foams or ULV slow setting epoxy. Disposable after injection cures, perfect for one time repairs by inexperienced staff or homeowner.

$2.00 USD
In Stock
Injection Feed Hose
Hose assembly for crack injection used in hard to reach areas or extended injection time.

$6.00 USD
In Stock
Extra Low Profile crack injection surface port
Extra low Profile surface port for low pressure crack injection.

Low Profile Port
$1.00 USD
In Stock
1/2 X 32 Element Static mixer
1/2 x 32 element static mixer used with EHV and HV Epoxy

$3.40 USD
In Stock
Cross-over flow Restrictors
The cross-over/back-flow restrictor eliminates cartridge contamination.

Crossover Restrictor
$1.00 USD
In Stock
3/8 X 24 Element Static mixer
Static mixer used for most polyurethane foams

$3.25 USD
In Stock
3/16X 48 Element Static mixer
Static Mixer for low Viscosity Epoxy's and Polyurea's E555 & # 4 Epoxy

3/16X 48 Element Static mixer
$3.95 USD
In Stock
1/2 X 24 Element Static mixer
1/2in by 24 element static mixer. Standard for 120 structural foam.

$4.25 USD
In Stock
Concrete foundation and basement crack repair . To This is done by either low pressure with plastic surface ports or by high pressure with drill in place packers.  NextStar offers field tested products for professional and do-it-yourselfer.

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