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Moisture Vapor Emission , Calcuim Chloride Test Kit
Test your concrete slab before coatings or painting with a Moisture Emission Kit, Anhydrous Calcium Chloride vapor test kit. Prevent concrete coating failures in advance and treat concrete before coating.

Calcuim Chloride Vapor- PH test kit
$14.95 USD
In Stock
EmeSealCrete  Moisture - Radon sealer
EmeSealCrete seals out moisture and radon gas transmission throgh concrete, buy in concentrate.

EmeSealCrete Consentrate 1 Gallon
$91.95 USD
Out Of Stock
EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 kit Mold Control
Quart Kit up to 500 sq ft coverage EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 Mold control treatment

EmeSphere Quart kits
$159.00 USD  $99.00 USD
In Stock
Emesphere Mold 100/40  4-Gallon kit
Emesphere Mold 100 / 40 4 Gallon kit will cover aprox 2000 sqft

Emesphere Mold 100/40 4-Gallon kit
$495.00 USD  $399.00 USD
In Stock
Mold and Moisture remediation products distributed by NextStar Technologies . Control basement bold problems and vapor transmission through concrete .Mold Removal

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