High Pressure Crack injection systems

High Pressure Injection Pump Systems

High Pressure Injection Pump Systems

Professional High Pressure crack injection systems by Nexstar.

Nextstar offers two types of high pressure injection equipment for the busy contractor for those large or difficult injection projects.
A contractor on a single visit can simply drill out / install high-pressure Packers and the polyurethane injection can start immediately, sealing the crack between the injection packers would be optional depending on the size of the crack and the polyurethane type used.

Nextstar single component pumps are great for the busy contractor looking for a time-saving solution for small and hairline cracks to be injected with polyurethane.

Nextstar dual component pumps are typically used with two component polyurethane or two component epoxy and can be a big timesaver for large projects versus using the cartridge system. Being dual component these pumps can be used on multiple jobs in the same day, with only needing to clean the valve head and zurk between jobsites.
Nextstar single / dual component polyurethane and epoxy pumps are easy to use and easy to maintain.
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Koster 2 IN 1 polyurethane dual cartridge 22oz 600ml
Koster 2n1 (2in1)Resin for Low pressure polyurethane injection systems fast reaction to water but water not required to cure as a resin. Without water cures as elastic resin.

Koster 2N1 Polyurethane
$38.00 USD
In Stock
80x 13 mm High Pressure Mechanical packer 50 lot
High pressure crack injection mechanical packer

80x13 mm packer 50 lot
$75.00 USD
In Stock
Twin Star Epoxy Polyurethane injection pump
Dual Component Epoxy or Polyurethane pump for high pressure crack injection

TwinStar Pump
$1,120.00 USD
In Stock
Koster 2N1 polyurethane 1 gallon kit
Koster 2n1 Resin for high pressure polyurethane injection systems with dual or single component pumps.1 Gallon Kit

Koster KB 2 IN 1 Polyurethane Resin
$125.00 USD
In Stock
Koster KB  2 IN1 polyurethane 6 gallon kit
Koster 2n1 Resin for high pressure polyurethane injection systems with dual or single component pumps.

Koster 2N1 Resin 6 Gallon kit
$536.00 USD
In Stock
Single Star Polyurethane injection pump
Single Component Polyurethane pump for high pressure crack injection. Contractor equipment

Single Star Component Pump
$649.00 USD
In Stock
High Pressure Polyurethane 1 Gallon & Activator
1 Gallon Emecole 100 & 800 High Pressure Polyurethane 100/800 is specially formulated for use in large scale jobs requiring high pressure injection.

Emecole 100 & 800 Polyurethane
$95.00 USD
In Stock
Single and dual component pumps for high pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane for the professional contractor . Concrete Foundation repair and other concrete structures .

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