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Epoxy Crack Injection kits

Epoxy Crack Injection kits

Multiple Cracks, Horizontal Cracks, Wide Cracks - Epoxy

Results from soil settlement/movement around the foundation, ground freezing/thawing...

When the foundation's structural integrity is compromised by either a large/wide crack or the buildup of multiple cracks within the same area, the added strength of epoxy injection is necessary. With the injection of epoxy into a foundation crack, the result is a repaired crack with concrete that is bonded together, and now significantly stronger than the existing foundation wall.

Horizontal cracks in the foundation, or wall cracks wider than a quarter of an inch are general hints that the crack may be structural. Structural cracks typically form as a result of wall movement from thermal changes, uneven loading and settling of the footing, soil pressure and/or soil shrinkage.

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10 ft. Semi Pro Epoxy Crack Injection Repair Kit-6
Structural Epoxy to repair basement wall cracks up to 10 feet using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy. This kit can be upgraded to 20ft New Lower Price

10 ft Epoxy Kit 6
$239.00 USD  $199.00 USD
In Stock
10 ft. Ultra Small Crack Epoxy injection kit-3
Super fine crack repair 10 ft DIY Foundation Crack & Snaptie Injection kit using low-pressure injection with Ultra low Viscosity epoxy. Equipped with all necessary components . Auto Injector series . For Ultra fine cracks 1/64" or smaller

10ft DIY ULV Epoxy Kit 3
$189.00 USD
In Stock
30 ft. Epoxy Crack Injection Repair Kit
Structural Epoxy to repair basement wall cracks up to 30 feet using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy.

30ft Epoxy Crack injection kit
$450.00 USD  $435.00 USD
In Stock
60ft DIY Epoxy Injection Crack repair kit
Structural repair of basement/foudation wall cracks up to 60 feet using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy.

60ft Epoxy DIY Crack repair kit
$864.00 USD  $825.00 USD
In Stock
8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Staple kit
The Ultimate in cracked concrete wall repair for structural repair. A combined kit of epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber Staples, complete kit for up to 15 ft of wall in an easy to use kit.

8-15ft Ultimate Repair Kit
$555.00 USD
In Stock
Structural Epoxy Crack Injection kits, Poured Concrete Foundation walls. D-I-Y products for injection with Epoxy for concrete foundation crack repair, basements, vertical concrete walls leaking or not.

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