Crawl Space Sealing, Conditioning and Encapsulation Systems

Crawl Space Sealing

Crawl Space Sealing

The EmeSeal Crawl Space System is a necessary step in creating a healthy, energy efficient home. A sealed crawl space reduces energy costs and protects homes against dangerous moisture, toxic mold, soil gases (including radon), and harmful air borne allergens.

Crawl Space EncapsulationThe EmeSeal System includes all the components needed for contractors to properly seal crawl spaces. A sealed and insulated crawl space provides immediate benefits by providing a dry, clean area.  Even more important are the long-term "Whole Home Health" benefits associated with eliminating harmful soil gases, radon gas and molds related to homes with unsealed crawl spaces.

Crawlspace seal systems Lower energy costs    

Crawlspace seal systemsCreate a healthy home by sealing out harmful gases, radon and mold causing moisture    

Crawlspace seal systems Provide a safe, clean area for storage

Crawl Space EncapsulationSince there are no "one size fits all" cures for unhealthy crawl spaces, Emecole has developed multiple liners to address a number of crawl space problems, for floors, walls, combo liners and more.  Please take a look at each of our liners below to see the features, advantages and benefits of each.

Crawlspace seal systemsThese products are only available to Canadian contractors only.


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4" Seam Tape (108ft roll) Each

4" Seam Tape (108ft roll)
90 ML Crawl Space Liner 58" X 125"

90ML liner
Combo Crawl Space liner 58" X 62'
EmeSeal Drain Fabric Poly Combo Liner is our combined drain fabric and white polyethylene floor liner fused together, specifically for crawl space floors.

Combo Liner
Crawl Space Sealing, Encapsulation and Conditioning. Find Products for Canadaian Contractors.  Seal out gases and moisture.  Create a healthy crawl space today

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